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About Us

International Investment Group (I.I.G.) was organized in 1991 in USA. Over the past 19 years,our group has given consultation as well as Legal advise to many Ukrainian and American companies. In 1992, Ukraine had its first Ukrainian Commercial and Industrial Exhibit in Las Vegas in the USA. Our Group arranged to give business consultation as well as obtained partners for a number of Ukrainian companies that exhibited at Exhibit. Some of the clients were a Steel processing plant in Odessa, Tool manufacturer in Lviv and a Machine Tool builder in Odessa. Also, our group was a financial supporter of the English printed magazine UKRAINE which was printed in Kyiv, Ukraine and distributed in USA, Canada and Australia.

Since 1991, our Group has organized and conducted a number of seminars in USA (Washington DC, Chicago and Cleveland). Purpose of the seminars was to inform potential investors of how to do business in Ukraine. As a result of these seminars, some investors have invested in Ukraine with capital and have formed joint ventures.

I.I.G. gives consultations and recommendations to clients regarding issues of investments in Ukraine:

  • Organizing joint-ventures with Ukrainian partners;
  • Registration of foreign businesses in Ukraine;
  • Market Research of the business environment for Ukrainian as well as foreign companies;
  • Purchase or Sale of Commercial real estate in Ukraine as well as in other countries;
  • Investments in Funds that trade stocks on the stock exchange;
  • Organizing and administration of Business format Exhibits, Seminars and Conventions in Ukrainian as well as other countries.

I.I.G. for the past 18 years has successfully have assisted both Ukrainian Companies and American partners and investors to be successful in Ukraine. We are ready to help your business to be successful in Ukraine.

Looking forward to working with you.

International Investment Group I.I.G. - consultations and recommendations to clients regarding issues of investments in Ukraine
Predslavinska str., 28. Kyiv, Ukraine, phone: (044) 223-01-32; (044) 223-05-30. Feedback