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Business tours to Ukraine

Group Business Forum in Ukraine

On your demand we organize target business forums in Ukraine for groups of business leaders, representatives of private and government organizations and individual entrepreneurs from your country. You have an excellent chance to find potential investors, business partners, suppliers of the goods and services, trade representatives, distributors and main business owners of leading industries in Ukraine. Besides, you will meet top government officials, who can be of great use for starting and operating business in Ukraine.

Business tour to Ukraine

Meetings with prospective clients, partners, suppliers
Individual Business tour to Ukraine is a unique opportunity of a customized business visit in order to establish direct contacts with top government officials, prospective suppliers of the needed products, partners, investors or customers. On your request we make the preliminary analysis of the target markets of your interest for organizing your business tour. You will be provided with the initial report of the market along with the confirmation of the list of the parties you can meet. During the tour you will not only meet required persons, but also you will certainly enjoy different aspects of that beautiful country.

Individual and group business tour

Anytime you are planning a business trip to Ukraine whether in a small group or alone we would be glad to hear from you in advance so that you could get use of our professional services to accompany you during your trip. A personal advisor/ companion would be delegated to accompany you during the whole tour. He or she can advise you on all matters concerning your business requirements, contacts advisory, all kind of arrangements, right contacts and do all necessary translations upon your request.

Hotel Reservation Assistance
Depending on the mission of your visit to Ukraine or Russia, your preference of the style and comfort, we will select and reserve the best hotel possible within your budget on the most competitive rates to make your stay as peasant and comfortable as possible.

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