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National and International Exhibitions in Ukraine

On your request we can recommend you target exhibitions focused on your industry. In case you chose to participate in any exhibition, our experiences stuff will gladly represent your company at the exhibitions We know how to offer your products/services to potential clients to the most effective way. Besides, we will collect all the necessary contacts of the interested parties for your future follow ups. After the exhibition you will get a full report on the exhibition results with our professional comments and recommendations.

Exhibits, seminars and conferences

  • Organizing and managing business specific exhibits, seminars and conferences in Ukraine and other countries;
  • Organizing and implentation of representation of foreign firms in Ukraine and also representing Ukrainian companies at exhibits in foreign countries;
  • Organizing visits for delegates and representatives to countries in EU, USA and Japan. Also organizing of foreign delegates and corporate management visit to Ukraine;
  • Organizing and management of International exhibits in Ukraine;
  • Prepare, organize and distribute information on exhibits, conferences and seminars in USA, EU, Ukraine and Japan.
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