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Information-consultation services

  • Informational consultation support to Ukrainian and Foreign companies in their economic relationship with their business partners
  • Consultation on commercial topics, missions and administration
  • Consultation and recommendation on starting a business contract with investors
  • Regulation and implementation of project work in relation to economic conditions
  • Search for potential partners in the European Union(EU), USA, Ukraine and Japan
  • Consultation and recommendation on topics regarding business in USA and American partners
  • Consultation and recommendation on topics regarding tax laws in USA
  • Supplying information on exhibits, conferences and seminars in USA, EU, Ukraine and Japan
  • Conducting discussions regarding investment projects and making recommendation on agreements and contracts of the investments in Ukraine
  • Organizing and conducting meetings and discussions with potential partners and investors
  • Collection of investment proposals by Ukrainian companies. Gathering the business information of each company into a data base with distribution of that information to foreign investors or potential partners
  • Consultation and preparation of business plans for investor projects
  • Review and analyze business plans of potential Ukrainian firms
  • Market research for Ukrainian firms and foreign companies
  • Selection of real estate projects investments in Ukraine, USA, EU and Japan
  • Consultation on financial topics and questions regarding investments
  • Consultation and recommendation in the purchase and sales of publicly traded Ukrainian stocks
International Investment Group I.I.G. - consultations and recommendations to clients regarding issues of investments in Ukraine
Predslavinska str., 28. Kyiv, Ukraine, phone: (044) 223-01-32; (044) 223-05-30. Feedback